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Special Event!


Join us on Sunday March 12 as we celebrate one of our era’s most creative artists. This event will bring to life the magic of David Bowie, offering a first-hand glimpse of his uniquely-gifted and chameleon-like genius.

In 1989, Rykodisc, a maverick indie record label located in Salem, Massachusetts, was hand-picked by David Bowie to curate his amazing body of work spanning 1969-1980, including classics like Space Oddity, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Young Americans, Low, Heroes, and Scary Monsters.

What followed set a new standard for audio-visual presentation, re-affirmed David Bowie’s genius for a new generation, and helped him re-discover his creative powers. One man behind the scenes in this amazing story was Jeff Rougvie, Rykodisc’s VP of Special Projects, who worked directly with Bowie on nearly 20 releases over 10 years.

"Working with Bowie was an honor and an experience beyond my wildest dreams. Despite his persona as an unearthly being, I got to know him as a real man, with real human challenges, who turned his battles into a body of work that made an indelible mark on our culture." ~Jeff Rougvie

Rougvie is opening up his archives to give fans a fun and fascinating look at The Starman. During this special live event Rougvie will discuss the magic of Bowie, using visuals, audio, and unseen material, followed by a Q&A session.


About Jeff Rougvie: Jeff Rougvie has nearly 20 years experience at Rykodisc, a Salem, MA-based label - at one time the biggest indie record company in the world. He's worked with a wide range of artists including David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Devo, Galaxie 500, comedian Bill Hicks, The Misfits, Mission of Burma, Morphine, Bob Mould & Sugar, The Raspberries, Ringo Starr, They Might Be Giants, Frank Zappa and many more. He currently consults on a variety of pop culture subjects and has started a new re-issue label.